About Us

 “Fun ‘n’ Learn – Activity Center”  fun begins here without gadgets…. is it possible in this era of gadgets ? We have observed disadvantages of mobiles,tablets, excessive burden of  work, stressful life style and disturbed work work life imbalance.

Our founder Dr  Bhavesh Vasani and Mr Nirav Khamar who is founder of  Nirav”s DANCE ACADEMY has joined hands together to serve you all in field of dance and fitness. 

so We have started fun filled classes and healthy life style which includes dances, traditional kathak classes ,garba, art and craft workshops and many more..

Our activities includes Dance, fitness,,Zumba,Yoga, art craft workshops, fun with maths, robotics, various workshops and party on weekends !

Our activities help students develop physical – mental strength and attitude of learning with fun . it also refreshes them from study burden and learn new skills .

During the school year, Our Studio offers a full spectrum of classes for every kind of mover from toddlers to professional-level dancers, Our Studio faculties are conducted by well trained professionals and experts in their field . No matter whats your age is you will find some unique activity here, its just how passionate you are and how your want to enjoy life. We @ Fun ‘n’ Learn serve is you best per requirement.

We strive to make our training as fun as possible. After all work and no play is simply boring !. Each class is infused with light-hearted moments to break up the intense focus and concentration. That way you get the perfect balance of serious focus, and light fun. 

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